Rehearsal hours and venue
Friday, godz. 1800-2200

Miejsce prób:
Cultural Center
entrance A, 1st floor

Established in September 2002, the band operates at the Cultural Center in Śmigiel. Its repertoire comprises regional pieces, the so-called „ol’ melodies and own arrangements”. The musicians perform successfully at events such as town days, fests, and banquets. They have received awards at the 1st Wielkopolska Street Musician Bands Festival „Podwórkowe muzykowanie” in Krzykosy and at the 2nd Street Musician Bands Festival in Plewiska.

- Henryk Daszkiewicz - drum, acordion, mouth organ, vocal
- Jerzy Gołembski - saxophone, clarinet, vocal
- Sławomir Żurczak - guitar, vocal
- Grzegorz Konieczny - bass guitar, trumpet
- Paweł Śliwiński - bass guitar, violin
- Mirosław Gędoś - storyteller.

Henryk Daszkiewicz, Śmigiel, ul. T. Kościuszki 14
tel. no.: 0 65 518 05 82
cell phone no.:. 504 47 41 72

Śmigiel Cultural Center
Śmigiel, ul. T. Kościuszki nr 20
tel. no.: 0 65 518 02 73.

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