Hours and venue:aerobik
Monday and Thursday, 1920 - 2020

Aerobic shapes respective parts of the body, strenghtens muscles, joints, tendons, provides extra oxygen to the organism, improves blood circulation and fitness.
Exercises begin with a warmp-up and finish with a short stretching session; carefully selected exercises with dumbbells complement the training and boost its efficiency.
The exercises are accompanied by music adjusted to the pace of exercises.
Aerobic helps you model your figure, burn excess calories, and aleviate daily stress. It is also an opportunity to make new acquaintances.

Instructor: Anna Nadolna (School of Physical Education graduate, qualified aerobic instructor).
Fees: 5 PLN/hour

Cultural Center in Śmigiel, ul. T. Kościuszki 20
tel. no.: 0 65 518 02 73

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