Conductor: Piotr Majer
Hours and venue: Monday, godz.1830- 2030
Club room, entrance C

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The Song Society „Harmonia” was established in Śmigiel in 1893.
Since 1978, it has been run at the Cultural Center in Śmigiel. The members of the Society cultivate singing tradition and take part in social life of the local community.
Currently, the Society has 116 members, including 44 active singers, and 72 supporting singers.
Since 1993, the choir has been conducted by Piotr Majer, and presided over by Krystyna Schulz (since 2004).
The rich repertoire of the choir is consisted of national, religious, folk, stage, and festive songs.
Every year, the choir performs at:
the Provincial Fest of Song and Music
the Provincial Festival „Śpiewamy Kolędy i Pastorałki”

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Among its achievements in the field of singing, „Harmonia” may boast about:
the Silver Badge of PZCHiO (Polish Association of Choirs and Orchestras), awarded in 1958
Honorable badge of PZCHiO „Złoto z laurem” (gold and laurel) awarded in 1993
medal of the Municipality of Śmigiel, awarded in 1995 for its achievements in promoting the town
70th Anniversary Medal of PZCHiO
many certificates, anniversary cups and awards for participation in competitions and festivals

Contact: Piotr Majer, Śmigiel ul. T.Kościuszki 83,
tel. no.: 0 65 518 06 44

Śmigiel Cultural Center,
ul. T. Kościuszki 20,
tel. no.: 0 65 518 02 73
*The center hires the conductor.

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