Hours and venue:plas m

Children’s groups
Monday, 1400 - 1600
Tuesday, 1400 - 1600

Youth and adults group
Wednesday, 1400 - 1600
Thursday, 1400 - 1800

Cultural Center,
etrance A, 1st floor

The section has been run since 1992, directed by instructor Antoni Szulc. Classes are conducted for two age groups, children and youth/adults. The instructor is additionally in charge of other local groups which also involve the disabled. During the classes, participants get themselves aquianted with various plastc techniques and fine arts knowledge, for example perspective, color mixing, etc.. Some of the former members of the section continue their education in artistic departments of schools and higher education institutions. The instructor also organizes many exhibitions and vernissages, both for local amateur artists and for professionals.

Monthly fee - 5 PLN

Cultural Center in Śmigiel, ul. T. Kościuszki 20
tel. no.: 0 65 518 02 73

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